Mississippi LPN Association


20 Continuing Education Hours for LPNs

Offered ONLINE and at the MLNA convention in April 2018 and April 2019


Debbie Cooley, BSN, RN

Patient Safety: LPN’s Guide for Instituting and Continuation of                                                                                               Protective Devices

Safety First: Ambulation, Transfers, and Fall Prevention

Documentation: Proof of Performance

Infection Prevention and Control in Long Term Care Facilities (LTCF)

Mental Health Crisis in Acute Care Setting for Non- Psyche Nurses.

Lunch Provided                 

Cindy May, MSN, RN

Preventing Medication Errors: Learning from Mistakes

Administering Parenteral Meds Safely: From Start to Finish

To Eat or Not to Eat: Nutrition Guidelines for Hemodialysis Patient

Update on Cancer Treatment Modalities

Women’s Health Concerns Across a Lifetime


Lori Tally

“Meticulous practical Nursing Practice” Nursing Ethics

“Persistence in Maintaining Licensure” Legal Aspects

“All in a Days Work”  Know Your Scope of Practice

“Know your Values” Lab Values Review

“Breathe Easy” Respiratory Disorders Update

Helena Gunnell

“Would You Like that with Fries” Customer Service for the Clinic Nurse

“It’s Really None of My Business” How the impaired Nurse Affects                                                                                          Patient/Staff Safety

“Pharmacology Update” Mental Health Drugs

“ Look at Me Nurse, What Do You See? ”A look at the Nursing Home                                                                                     Client

“Nurse- Client Communication”                  A Few Reminders for the Nurse


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